Interactive Flight Planning Unlike crude first generation Internet flight planners, FlightPrep flight plans are not static presentations of Sectional or WAC charts. FlightPrep's electronic charts give you complete interactive control of your flight plan. The profile view provides an exaggerated pictorial representation of the route profile. Terrain is depicted using the terrain colors. The route line is shown in black. The red line represents the minimum enroute altitude (MEA). TripKit In addition to the TripKit, the two reports are also availble, the FAA Flight Plan form and the Flight Log form. The FAA Flight Plan from is an identical copy of FAA form 7233-1 filled out with all the pertinent flight plan information. The Flight Log report is in the familiar FAA staggered waypoint format. It shows the waypoint data, routing, altitude, magnetic course, fuel requirements, fuel onboard, distance, time and ground speed. The reports can be printed. Graphic and Text TFR's and more FlightPrep shows all current Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) graphically as a red outline along with the TFR label for reference to the TFR textural description. These TFRs are updated 24/7 by the FAA. You get the features you want, such as rubber band routing, exclusive shaded relief maps, totally user-defined charts, and of course the popular TripKit. Weather Overlay Since FlightPrep is already running on the Internet, the DUATS tab provides for instant weather analysis. Besides the customary weather briefing, there are a number of weather graphics. These Graphics include the surface analysis, weather depiction, composite moisture stability chart, visible and infrared satellite charts, US Radar, and the 12 to 72 hour forecasts.